They will call on me and I will answer them I will be with them in trouble, I will deliver and honor them

Psalm 91:15

Bless the Lord who is…

  • Our refuge and strength in times of trouble
  • Faithful in all his promises to his people

Give thanks to God for …

  • Never forsaking us, despite our failures to follow the example of our Saviour
  • Providing us with all we need to sustain us physically, mentally and spiritually
  • Encouraging us to reach out to those less fortunate than ourselves

Call on God to

  • Direct us as individuals and as a church family to thouse who are truly vulnerable
  • That we may offer comfort
  • Strengthen the peacemakers in families, in communities and across the world
  • Help us to use more of our time, talents and resources for his purposes

Continue to pray for …

  • A merciful end to the suffering inflicted on us all by covid – 19
  • Patience as we endure the restrictions of TIER 4
  • Success in the search for more effective treatments and vaccines to combat the pandemic at home and across the world

In Jesus name we pray,