Palm Sunday 5th April 2020

Rejoice, see your King comes to you, righteous & having salvation,
gentle & riding on a colt, the foal of a donkey – Zechariah 9:9

MP 457: Make way, make way for Christ the King

Prayers of Approach & Lord’s Prayer

JP 274: What a wonderful Saviour is Jesus!

John 20: 20-36 (page 1080)

Reflection: On being overwhelmed

MP 478: My song is love unknown vv. 1-3 only

Matthew 21:  1-14 (pages 988-989)

Reflection: From Hosanna to Crucify

MP 750: What kind of love is this?

All good gifts around us

Prayer of Thanks & for ourselves & others

MP 674: There is a green hill far away

Blessing then Shared Blessing

(MP 460: May God’s blessing surround you this day)

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Reflection Notes