10th May 2020

10/5/20 John 21: 1-14 Back to Normal – Not! Back to Normal – No way!

This weekend, there is a lot of speculation about when and how lockdown restrictions will be eased, eventually be lifted and life can return to “normal”.

That first Easter, according to John’s gospel, first the risen Christ appeared to Mary Magdalene then on that same evening ten of the remaining disciples behind locked doors, and a week later when Thomas also was there.  But then, after their meetings with the risen Christ and His assurances of forgiveness and healing, seven of the disciples had gone back home to Galilee, back to normal and to take up again the work that they had done before and thought they knew. But their fishing had no results until they listened to Jesus, although they had not recognised him at first, followed His instructions, and did something different.

So it will be for us today. For none of us will life ever be just the same as before. Across the wider community, we are now more mindful of the beauty and colours and life of the world around us; of the sounds of silence; and of people that we perhaps took for granted or had lost touch with; of the importance of family and friends; of the kindness, caring and commitment of many. The life of the church has continued in lockdown, despite us not being able to meet together in the local church buildings for worship on Sundays, and for other groups and activities through the week. We are finding fresh ways to reach out to members and neighbours and some of the most vulnerable in community; new ways of communicating and keeping in touch; opening for serving; and the blessing that comes from sharing and praying, comforting and encouraging. I do not want us to lose what the Lord is teaching us.

The first timid fearful hesitant followers of Jesus were changed by their meeting the living Jesus Christ and being empowered to go out and to share His love and life. May we each be open to learn from all the Lord would show us at this time, as we are held and kept in His gracious love.

Back to Normal – Not!
Back to Normal – No thanks and No way!

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